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Kindervine Day Nursery

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At Kindervine Day Nursery we recognise the importance of working closely in partnership with the local community as it is just as important to use the environment outside the nursery boundaries to give children the opportunity to learn from, and be part of, their local community. It is important for the children to build up a sense of community from a young age, to learn about where they fit in, and to begin to understand the value of having local services.


We currently use the local environment to enhance children’s learning and build a sense of community in the following ways:

• Library - We are a member of the local Library and work with them to provide opportunities for the parents and children to develop early reading skills.


• Charity - The nursery staff at Kindervine Day nursery participate in many different fundraising events for charities such as McMillan Foundation Trust, Crackerjack Charity  for Children with Disability and Animal Shelter.


• Local Services - Work closely with the local hospitals/forestations/care homes etc to provide learning opportunities for the children. E.g visits and talks from the different occupations.


• Schools – When your child reaches school age and is ready to leave the nursery, we work closely with the schools to ensure your child’s transition is smooth by attending meetings and visits.


• We provide information packs for parents to give extra support and advice. E.g, behaviour management, literacy and numeracy development, toilet training, etc.


• Local visits – we aim to try and give the children the opportunity to engage in real life experiences by taking them on local trips. E.g to the park, shops and museums. Even a walk to the end of the street can be different each time – for example, as the seasons change trees change, the weather changes and seasonal fruits and vegetables change in the shops. Being able to walk down the street, say hello to people who we know and have people know where we come from is lovely. For the children, to have people acknowledge them instead of just ignoring them helps to develop a sense of pride in who they are, in their nursery and where they come from. Taking a ride on the local bus or tube, and talking about what you can see – the shops, churches, mosques, hospitals or other buildings around – can have very real meaning for the children.


• Feedback and communication – we provide communication and feedback daily for parents to answer any questions or worries and to let you know how your child is developing in the nursery.


• Brent Civic Centre – we work alongside the Brent early years advisors to ensure we are providing the best possible care and learning opportunities, by attending training sessions. The civic children’s centre also provides lots of support and advice for parents and carers.


• Healthy Early Years – we ensure the children, parents and carers know the importance of being healthy and how to be healthy on a daily basis.


• English lessons – we would like to provide English lessons for parents in the future.


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Remember the connections children make with their local environment can last a lifetime!