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Kindervine Day Nursery

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Kindervine Day Nursery

Grapevine Preschoolers


The Grapevine Pre School room is the all-important place of transition for our pre-schoolers to primary school. There are 12 children in this room aged 3-5 years old with a ratio of 2.5 staff at all times.

In Grapevine, we recognise there are budding athletes, architects, doctors, philanthropists, creative artists, nurses and the list goes on. We recognise the privilege we have of creating a sturdy grip on learning for our children. So whilst making learning fun we also bridge the gap for them between the nursery and school environment.

In this room and for that purpose, we have employed a qualified and experienced nursery school teacher, who has first hand experience of the educational and coping skills children lack on joining primary school and often wished nurseries would do more. She therefore knows exactly what needs to be done to best prepare pre-schoolers for school. Educational links are also being made

The nursery celebrates an array of cultures and languages which is also reflected in the pre-school room. In addition to this pre-schoolers are exposed to artistic lessons around dance

Our Pre-schoolers enjoy a hive of activity in a warm safe, bright and friendly atmosphere.