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Kindervine Day Nursery

t: 0208 965 3993

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About the Owners

Junior and Lorraine had envisaged for a number of years creating a learning environment to enable children to aspire to be the best.

That dream has now been realised in Kindervine Day Nursery and Pre-school.


Why the name Kindervine? Kinder is an old English word for young children and vine denotes growth, fresh growth. The vine’s growth is rampant, but with consistent nurturing and training, it is able to produce useful fruitfulness. Every growing child has potential

At Kindervine Day Nursery and Pre-school, we have created an environment where children can learn to be the best that they can be, whatever their capability.  This means that our teaching allows for their creativity to shine through self - determination.


It is our aim to promote confident learners who will have less difficulty transitioning to the formal learning of primary school.

Lorraine’s career path has been child and family orientated both within the Local Authority and as a Magistrate. She has seen ‘first-hand, the impact early years learning environment has on a growing child. Her drive is to support parents and children in their efforts to achieving best outcomes.


What about Junior? Well, he is part of the ‘Mr Fixer team,’ mender, helper, listening ear to all at Kindervine. He is a Senior Pastor who serves the community. He is also a source of support to charities overseas for orphaned children, particularly in Zimbabwe.  He is a fantastic campaigner for their well being.


When I grow up I want to be a Doctor...