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1. Let your child know what the schedule will be like. Tell them what time school begins and ends each day.

2. Ask your child about their feelings -- both the excitement and the concerns -- about starting school.

3.  Get them to shop for their uniform with you.

4. Visit the school with your child to see their new classroom and meet their new teacher before school officially starts. At Kindervine, where possible we arrange transition visits by keyworkers to the school of choice. Some schools respond well to this, others find it odd.

5. Point out the to your child the positive aspects of starting school. It will be fun and they can make new friends.

6. Let your child know that all boys and girls are nervous about the first day of school.

7. Leave a little card in your child's lunchbox that will remind him/her you're thinking of them while they are at school.

8. Reassure your child that if any problems arise at school, you will be there to help resolve them.

9. Try to have your child meet a classmate before the first day of school so a budding friendship has already begun by the time school starts.

10. At Kindervine Day Nursery we are very aware of the importance of strong friendships from the nursery that are broken on entry to primary school, so we suggest that attempts are made to form links with those from their locality, if possible, travel together if going to the same school.

11.  Most of all have good listening ears, always assuring to help them feel secure.

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Starting school can be a difficult time for children, every child is hesitant to go somewhere new and see people they’ve never met before. Here are some helpful ways to prepare your child for their first day of school:

Kindervine Suggests Ways to Prepare Your Child for School

Banish first-day fears for your child and let’s face it, for you too.

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