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Are you ready for the new term ... ?        We are at Kindervine!

KINDERVINE were recently  instumental in  supporting families in the recent tragic flooding in Kerala. Parents, friends of kindervine and staff sent a barrel filled with toiletries, nappies, clothing, medical supplies etc in record time.

Now we turn our attentions to home as we  embrace the new term. This new term has seen new children joining Kindervine and our aim is to ensure each child becomes settled and confident in their new environment.

Over the years, it has been our experience that some children glide effortlessly  into KINDERVINE nursery, whilst others experience varying levels of anxiety through separation from parents/carer. This is quite normal which due to them having a secure attachment to their primary carer according to John Bowlby in 'Attachment and Loss Theory' .

So here are a few tips that you may find useful in supporting your child to make the transition.

Firstly, you will need to manage your own emotions as parent/carer. We understand your anxieties and the enormous trust you place on us which we take seriously.

So here are the tips:   Try letting them spend a series of short stints with a relative away from you, for periods of lets say 15- 20 minutes to begin with then lengthen the time.  

Read stories along the themes of separation and also the excitement of meeting new friends. Here are a few children's book titles you may like: 'WHEN I MISS YOU' (Spelman and Parkinson);   THE INVISIBLE STRING' (Karst);   'DONT WANT TO BE APART' (Lavalle and Schneider). You could also look at Attachment and Loss (Bowlby) to help you understand more about the Keyworker's importance at Kindervine.

Lastly, join us for our Stay and Play sessions to gradually reduce anxiety, and do feel free to bring your child's favourite toy or objects that gives them comfort. Settling into a new environment can be distressing even for the most sociable child, but our staff are experienced in this area with many success stories.     CALL NOW AND BOOK A PLACE.